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Steve Eirschele PE

I’m proud to be both a professional engineer and photographer.  Each day I strive to improve both of my passionate careers.  They both began in college.  I love the combination of technology and creativity that photography provides.  These artistic endeavors help me balance the day-to-day stress that is part of owning a consulting engineering business.  One strengthens the other. 

I have been fortunate to have experienced a profound evolution in photography, from my first manual 35mm SLR in 1976 through many years of medium format B&W in wet chem darkrooms and now the amazing digital revolution.  I have enjoyed every step along the way.  While somewhat hesitant to enter the public world with my images, after 40 years as an engineer and photographer I am now eager to try!  So, I hope you enjoy my new website and photographs as much as I did creating them.


Thank you for viewing and enjoy life.



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